1) How do I order products?

You can order products via the contacts page, one of our customer service team will then contact you to discuss your requirement.

2) Where is your stock warehouse?

We have stock warehouses in Perth WA and Sydney NSW.

3) What does Analogue mean?

For Measuring meters by analogue we mean a moving pointer on a scale plate to gives a visual indication of the measured source, Current, voltage, frequency etc

4) What does digital mean?

For measuring meters by Digital we mean that the instrument display is a numeric display that indicates the measured source, Current, voltage, frequency etc

5) Do you manufacture bespoke Cam switches?

Yes, our manufacturing Partner Benedict/Telux can manufacture special Cam switches to your requirement from 10Amp to 1200Amp

6) Do you carry stock?

Yes, we carry and full range of the most common measurement Instruments and Cam switches.