Courses Feedback

This is a quick feed back survey, where the answers are 1-5
(1 =Poor and 5 =Excellent) the rest are short answers.

Question 1
Were you supplied adequate and correct information prior to the course commencing ?
Question 2
On arrival at IMO were you greeted and guided through to the training location in an acceptable manner?
Question 3
Were you happy with the layout and cleanliness of the training area?
Question 4
Was the course content delivered in a structured and organised manner?
Question 5
At the conclusion on the course did you feel like you reached the pre-discussed outcomes?
Question 6
Was the course content delivered at an acceptable pace?
Question 7
How would you rate the training personal?
Question 8
How could IMO improve our course in the future?
Question 9
Would you like to receive information on future courses?
Question 10
Would you recommend this course to other people ? (If Yes please supply contact details)